1986 Lamborghini Jeroboam 1:1 Wine Bottle

In stock.

560mm x 760mm, unframed

Pencil, gouache & charcoal on paper

1:1 scale / 200 hours drawing time

Limited first edition prints available on email request. Stands the same 43cm tall as the actual 3L 1986 Lamborghini Wine bottle; featuring Ferruccio Lamborghini’s signature across the label.

One of the last orginal bottles of Sangue Di Miura, or ‘Blood of the Miura”, drawn from the private collection of a Lamborghini specialist in Norway.

This print product is made to order, printed on 320gsm archival grade cotton paper.

Edition of 1-25, includes artist signature and certificate of authenticity. Shipping included globally.

Original available on email request, below.